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Cuando ROB! encontró a Cable Comic Digital
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Cuando ROB! encontró a Cable

El célebre dibujante publicó esta curiosa imagen de su encuentro con Josh Brolin

Un artículo de Redacción - Introducido el 15/11/2017

Nuestro querido Rob Liefeld tomó esta semana internet al asalto cuando publicó esta imagen de su encuentro con Josh Brolin caracterizado como el popular mutante Cable en el rodaje de Deadpool 2.

CABLE!! Say what?? I’m going to actually meet him in the flesh and blood(and steel coils)?? And, oh, by the way, he’s one of your favorite and one of the most talented actors of all space and time! Yeah, I dare you to try and meet one of your own creations and not get umpteen butterflies in your stomach. I don’t remember anything that was said here besides me thinking “I’m meeting CABLE!! HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!?!” Mr. Josh Brolin could not be more perfect in this role. He is amazing and outstanding and you will no doubt be as giddy as I was when watching him portray Cable. His commitment to becoming Cable goes beyond his physical transformation, he found the voice that fans will go crazy about! Ryan as Deadpool and Josh as Cable. Look out World this is going to be nuts! #cable #xforce #deadpool #robliefeld #marvel #20thcenturyfox

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