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Kevin Smith comienza a rodar su episodio de Flash Comic Digital
"A veces te despiertas; otras, la caída te mata. Y en ocasiones, cuando caes desde muy alto, puedes volar." Todd Faber / The Sandman (Fear of Fanning)

Kevin Smith comienza a rodar su episodio de Flash

El director lanza estas imágenes a Instagram para conmemorar la ocasión

Un artículo de Redacción - Introducido el 16/03/2016

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Kevin Smith ha comenzado a rodar su episodio para la adaptación televisiva de Flash y ha calentado el ambiente con esta serie de divertidas fotos publicadas en su Instagram.

Parece que la amenaza de Zoom, muy presente en esta segunda temporada, será uno de los peligros a los que el Equipo Flash deberá enfrentarse en la entrega de Smith.

Today is Day 1 of 8 on the episode of @cwtheflash I'm directing. We shot a scene last week in pre-production but Ep 221 officially begins today... And I'm really nervous. I love this show so much and dread making an episode that blows. The good news is both the cast and the crew of this most excellent entertainment do this sort of thing every week and need no help from me to craft a compelling comic book come to life. I'm kinda just here to root them on and make the occasional suggestion. Many thanks to my new #Flash family for making me feel so welcomed, right down to the cartoon of me on the tech scout itinerary (pictured above). And huge hosannahs to ep 221 writer #ZackStentz who CRUSHED the script and gave me, the cast & the crew something wonderfully emotional to shoot this week. (Like me, Zack is normally a movie guy. Unlike me, Zack has written very successful movies - like X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and THOR.) As we get ready to roll, I'm scared to fuck up but thrilled to have the chance to do this at all... Which pretty much sums up how I feel about living life in general. #theflash #KevinSmith #runbarryrun #Vancouver #KevSmithsonian

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